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Rescounts is a mobile application that aims to make transform you dining experience- every time. It takes away the hassle of waiting to be seated, for your food, and then waiting for your cheque.
Rescounts is specifically designed for the busy individuals that want to be able to appreciate the little moments in their lives. It caters specifically to making the dine-in experience seamless.
Keep an eye out for our Rescounts sticker on the doors of your favourite restaurants and to get a better idea of what’s around you, download our application! If there is a restaurant you want to use with easy, email us at (
We created this application for you with one thing in mind, transform dine in experience. Rescounts not only allows you to pre-order and book your tables but also gives you a discount EVERY time. All payments are processed through the application so you don’t have to abrasively call your server to the table to pay. And on top of all that, every time you use Rescounts you collect points towards free meals and drinks. We have all of this in one simple app, so put time aside for what matters and download it today.
You can create an account by entering your email & choose a password than enter the mandatory fields ( name, last name, phone number, date of birth) OR/AND you can do the same using your gmail account or Facebook account
Yes you can navigate the app, see the look & feel, get to know the participating restaurants & their menu however you can place your order unless you have a valid account including a payment method
We’re completely free to download and use so you can spend your money in places that matter to you the most. Only RDeals has a processing fees of$0.99per order regardless your order is $10 or $100. This fees may varies in special events or Festivals
RDeals, this is where you can EXCLUSIVE USERS ONLY deals & offers in different restaurants starting from 10% and up to 50%
Unfortunately, you can’t this processing fees is helping Rescounts operating the platform including customer support & credit card processing & you only paying it when you get one of the restaurant deal. So basically you only pay it when you save & we always make sure that your saving is more than this fee
You will earn 10 points for every dollar you spent. Reward starts from 10,000 points where you ‘ll get $10 where you can use it at any restaurants than 50,000 points to get $50 and finally 100,000 to get $100

Account Management

Just press on the link of forgot password, where you will be sent a link to your email than you can change your password or reset it.
Go to your profile, enter the new password then re-enter it one more time to confirm.
Your user name is always your email, so you’ll never forget your user name
As part of our unique differentiation from all other platforms & To enhance your personal experience, we ask you to upload your real picture so that whenever you are in a restaurant server can recognize you quicker so that they can better serve you
For a quicker & more efficient communication sometimes restaurants would like to contact you regarding your order or table reservation
GO to your profile, add or change any information that you like to change
Part of our personal experience focus & part of safety & security majors that we are taken to ensure your data is secure, you can not combine 2 accounts. Every User has to have only 1 account
No, you didn’t lost it, simply log to your account you will find still there & in case that you forget your password just click on forget password button a code will be sent to you via email where you need to use it to change your password. Please check your junk email maybe it went there & if not please give us a call at 1.833.336.6343
You can see all your previous orders on your email as we send you an itemized bill automatically to the email on file every time you use Rescounts
As of now, your rewards points has not expiry dates, it is valid as long as the account still active
After you submit your order & restaurant accept it you can do your reviews, ratings & share pictures of your experience on checkout. Checkout is the last step that you do after finishing your meal (same as in hotel stay)
As soon as your friend enter your referral code on his/her account you will automatically get 100 bonus points in your account
You will click on your profile available on the top left of the screen than select payment than edit payment than save
We accept all major credit cards ( Visa, Master, Amex, Dinners) along with Visa Debit
NO, Rescounts doesn’t keep your credit card info. It is kept with the credit card merchant & processing vendor to ensure safety & privacy.
Rescounts only have your first name & your email. Rescounts uses Amazon web services which is the most updates, secured & advanced in the world currently & where all major website & apps do use the same
As of now we are having around 150 restaurants & increasing everyday
Yes, our customer & Technical support number is 1 833 336 6343 & is available everyday from 7am to 11pm
We do have 2 types of promotions:
1- RDeals which is typically only offers & deals EXCLUSVIELY for users
2- Special offers that we do sent through emails or push notifications as additional points based on your usage
3- From now to another we do campaign to act as the “cherry on the top” where you will get additional benefits

Pick Up

As soon as you place your order, restaurants has to respond to you within 5 minutes otherwise he will lose your order. As soon as restaurant respond, you will get a popup message on the app informing you whether your order has been accepted fully or partially or rejected with the reason
Yes if the restaurant has run out of the specific item that you ordered or the time that you selected is toto close & restaurant is busy
Actually it fully depends on you if the restaurant has rejected the items that you ordered at this time you can select other items. In case that they cancelled the whole order because of timing you can choose another timing or if you are in a rush & can’t wait you can place your order in another restaurant
As long as restaurant has not yet responded to your order YES you can. If restaurant has accepted you can’t. What you have to do is to call the restaurant directly & ask for cancelation & refund for your order & up to the restaurant on this stage to cancel & refund or no


After browsing the available restaurants’ menus, the first step is to choose the Dine-In option on the main restaurant screen then select a time and number of guest then choose RESERVE TABLE. The restaurants will then accept your request or propose an alternate time. Then all you have to do is choose your menu items then select submit, you will get a message confirming that the amount will be pre-authorized on your credit card Than all what you do is show on time, enjoy your meal & checkout from the your order same way of checkout from a hotel
Similar for your hotel stay, whenever you are done with your stay you checkout. This is where you can add tipping, review your restaurant & server also here you can add any pictures
You won’t be able to order from any other restaurant till your checkout. Your check get automatically closed after 3 hours of your specified time
Your check will be open till you checkout, you can checkout immediately after you finish your meal. We are just giving you a buffer in case that you FORGET to checkout
Because Rescounts is the only app that gives you the option to add to your order other items for example you need to add one more juice or beer. In this case you don’t have to do all the process one more time. .All what you do is you add to your current order. In all others apps you don’t have this option, if you need to add anything to your order even if it is a pop you have to start a new order from the beginning
Join table this is a new service that Rescounts proud itself of being the ONLY app that does this service. It is simply if you are group going together but everybody want to order & pay separately so simply first one choose the total number of people attending & the time than everybody else when making their reservation, just click on JOIN GROUP button. All what you need to so is to enter the table code of the main reservation which can be find on the top right of the receipt of the main reservation. On this case you don’t have to call restaurants or ask for a place or anything. Everything is prearranged for you
All what you need to do is to inform them that you did your order through Rescounts
Rescounts is there to mediate between restaurant and guest to make your dine-in experience better but when it comes to any changes with the restaurant itself all calls need to be directed to the restaurant itself. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your order if the kitchen has already started to prepare your food.
You can always use the Rescounts discount in store even if you don’t want to use the pre-order feature. For this you simply need to tell that server that you will be ordering from the application and the rest of the process will carry on the same however we always recommend to have the full experience of the app & to live the Rescounts life which is ordering in advance so you skip the wait
The meal itself is payed for ahead of time to ensure that the kitchen isn’t wasting any food, however once you’ve ordered, and even added more to your plate, you can tip at the end of your restaurant experience along with your review & this is one of the reason we always keep your check open till you checkout


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